Focus for October

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Things to do in October

One or two reminders of things to do in and around the garden in October.

Although the ground is getting colder, it's still a good time to lay some foundations for the spring ahead when you'll be able to see the results of the work that's put in now.

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The Rakes Progress

          Now that temperatures are dropping and leaves are falling there are plenty of things to keep you occupied as far as maintenance goes. And there should no shortage of material for turning into mulch.

          Rake up and store leaves but make sure to give them some air by turning them. The resulting leaf mould makes great mulch which can be used to improve the soil structure. Spread the mulch to help the more tender plants through the winter.

The Greenhouse

          The greenhouse may have collected some debris during the summer so give it a good clear out. This will help to minimise pests and disease that debris can harbour. Now is also a good time to clean the glass to make sure you maximise the lower light levels.



         Lawns can be cut one last time as the growing season ends but raise the blades on your mower a notch or two to give the lawn some protection from frost. Repair any bare patches by raking, seeding and covering with compost. Once the lawn is raked to remove thatch, it can be spiked to improve drainage and an autumn feed can be applied.



          Nothing trumpets in spring more traditionally than a "host of golden daffodils". Spring bulbs planted now will pay dividends when next spring comes. Old favourites like Daffodils, Snowdrops, Crocus and Hyacinth can go out but leave Tulips until later in November.

          Bluebells make a great display and thrive in damp shady areas.    Snakes Head Fritillary, a now protected and rarely seen flower has striking purple and white chequerboard petals and is well worth a look if you want to introduce something a little special.

          Trees and shrubs can be transplanted now and don't be afraid to prune Roses, it's still ok for a couple of weeks. 

Look out for more tips in our regular post on All things Garden and landscaping.

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New Page

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We're Growing

          Autumn is tiptoeing into view and will bring with it a glorious splash of colour. As time marches on we continue to grow and add to our site content and we have launched our new page, Fences, Walls and Screens. In it, we dip our toes into the fascinating world of fences. With a few of the basics about fencing, as well as some examples of the truly amazing. 

          We give you a glimpse into the  wonderful world of walls, and point you in the direction of more information if you're barmy about bricks, and finally we give screens a shout out as they are often overlooked as a tool when designing outdoor spaces.


In The Garden

          As growth slows and autumn takes hold, now might be a good time to net ponds before the deluge of leaves. There's still time to get spring flowering bulbs in and it's still a good time to lay new lawns as autumn weather is perfect for them to bed in. On established lawns you might want to think about raising the mower blades a notch.


Are you fed up with looking at that overgrown piece of land ?  Or perhaps it's been collecting garden rubbish. Then it sounds like you've lost the plot. Let us clear it for you. No need to worry that it won;t fit into a wheelie bin. 

We'll clear the lot for you. It's much easier to see the potential of a space when it's cleared. Give us a call !

Autumn closes in !

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Now is a great time to get the landscaping done !

August and September are good times to consider getting the hard landscaping done. There is enough time to get the construction work  completed and still have time to plant bulbs for next spring, and some late blooming flowers and plants as well as giving new lawns an opportunity to bed down and take root before the winter chill sets in.

Gardens are now, more than ever a place to escape the worries of everyday life and the difficult time we have all faced during the pandemic. We take safety seriously and do everything we can to make the whole process of transforming your garden as painless and safe as possible.

Get the most out of your garden, call now for a free, no obligation quotation, or talk to us about your plans.

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Don't Forget, Ponds will have lost some water due to evaporation so keep the levels topped up during hot spells.

August in Bloom


August can frequently be the hottest month of the year so it's important to water frequently. Try using grey water where possible.

Things like Sunflowers, Dahlias, Pinks and Zinnias should be at their peak but looking ahead to winter and next spring now, will pay dividends.

Winter flowering varieties of pansy plants can be quite hardy and give a flush of colour in late autumn, through to early winter. This is also the time to be thinking about planting next springs bulbs.

Some bulbs such as Colchicum, Daffodils and Madonna lilie can be planted now. Others along with Crocus and Hyacinths should be in the ground by the end of September and Tulips in November.

Welcome to our new website

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       Here is a snapshot of our website. Newly created to let you know all about us at Rooted Landscapes and what we can do for you and your garden or outdoor space.

       We've been busy beavering away at bringing you some interesting content and introducing you to our full range of landscaping services. There will be more to follow in the coming days and weeks and we hope that you find what you are looking for easily.

       If you are just browsing then hopefully you will find the content at least a little informative and interesting.

       We are always pleased to listen to your comments and are continually revising and updating our site.