Completed Projects

This is a small selection of some recently completed projects. We take pride in our work and whether the project is large and complicated, or small and simple, we aim to satisfy our customers needs with quality finished work.


This small local garden had a lawn that sloped acutely from the far corner to the patio. The customer wanted a low maintenance artificial lawn and for it to be more level and useful. Rather than dig out and have to move skip loads of soil and rubble, we framed the area to be lawn and was able to raise the lower level with a timber sleeper frame and skim the top corner to make the level more acceptable.



The result is a much more useable and child friendly artificial lawn. Low maintenance and great looks all year round. We were able to create a more user friendly lawned area levelled as much as possible and  framed in natural timber weith durable railway sleepers.

Low to no maintenance

      The brief here was to clear the garden completely, provide a pathway to the shed, and an extension to their existing patio with a border of slate chippings so that the garden would be completely maintenance free.

      The only other stipulation was that the paving and path be laid in a random way with an irregular edge.

      Bearing in mind that due to a delivery error, we only had two sizes of slab. With a little thought and not too much cutting, I think we managed to give the customer what they wanted.

      Even with just a few pots and some solar lighting, the area can be softened and still be virtually maintenance free.


Indian Sandstone Paving

This customer just wanted to tidy up the side yard of their house. We replaced fencing and installed a beautiful Indian grey sandstone paved area, as per the brief.