We are a friendly, family run company offering landscaping in Northampton. Our passion is creating beautiful, inventive and functional, gardens and outdoor spaces. We take pride in the quality of our work and offer a full range of landscaping solutions.

       Our aim is to meet your requirements and create an impressive outdoor space that is not only beautiful, but also functional and durable. We use quality materials and a team of reliable, experienced landscapers with high standards of workmanship and attention to detail.

       With a wide range of experience in landscaping in Northampton we are able to take your ideas and design a space that will not fail to impress. We offer competitive, no obligation free quotes and estimates as well as a first-class aftercare maintenance service.

       Whether you are just looking to get your garden tidied up or have a bigger dream, look no further than Rooted Landscapes, our great gardens will grow on you.

Landscaping in Northampton.


Hard Landscaping

       Any structural element might be considered as hard landscaping. A good solid base is essential if a garden or outdoor space is going to function properly.  Things like cabling, plumbing and drainage as well as steps, walls, and pathways., along with a multitude of other aspects such as seating, dining, and cooking. that might need to be considered in a well-planned space.


Hard Landscaping


        We offer a range of services to suit your needs, whether it be designing a space from scratch, or just tidying up your garden. We can also arrange to maintain your lawn or the whole garden or outdoor space. Whatever it is, we will be happy to chat about your requirements and tailor a package to suit you.

Landscaping Services

Soft Landscaping

       Once all the hard landscaping is done and the bones have been established. it's time to turn to nature and the more colourful elements of your garden.  Bringing in plants and flowers is the soft landscaping aspect of the garden and is the final step in dressing your space with nature’s colour and texture. This is the living, changing element of any garden or outdoor area.

Soft Landscaping

Clearance & Allotments

       Overgrown, and neglected gardens and allotments can be a chore to sort out. Clearing weeds and rotavating are the best way to get an allotment off to a running start. As with overgrown gardens., once the area has been cleared it’s easier to see the potential of a space

Clearance & Allotments


       We can plan, design and build, whatever your requirements. Full drawings and planting plans can be supplied, and no obligation quotes and estimates are free. Simply give us a call to talk about your ideas or arrange for us to call round and properly survey & measure up.

Lawncare, Maintenance & Repair

       If maintaining your outdoor space has become too much for you, why not let us take the worry and effort out of keeping your garden looking its best. We offer a discounted rate for elderly people who might be finding it a struggle to keep the garden in control. 

Hard Landscaping

       The most important question to ask is "What are you going to do in your outdoor space”.  This will determine if you will need any services and whether you need level areas for seating, eating or socialising. 

       No matter what the size of a project, from a small courtyard to larger projects. The hard landscaping is fundamental. It underpins the whole space. When done well, the hard landscaping should provide the perfect framework for planting.

       The choice and combination of materials is unlimited and will add texture and interest to a space and provide level areas for entertainment.

Paving & Patios, Decking, Pathways

       Any surface that forms a floor in some way comes into this category. And the choices available are practically endless. Everything from gravel and grass, to cobbles, stone and timber can be used in different ways and combinations and serve a variety of functions.

Fencing, Walls & Screens

       Not only can walls and fences be used to define the perimeter of a space and provide privacy, but they can be used to create separate more defined or intimate areas within a space.

Fences, Walls & Screens

Water features & Ponds

       After plants and flowers, a water feature is a great way of attracting wildlife into the garden. Ponds provide the opportunity to include fish and other aquatic life. The sound of water also adds atmosphere and another dimension to any outdoor space.

Sheds, Summerhouses, Greenhouses

       Outdoor structures can be erected to enhance your space and serve a variety of functions. From full outdoor rooms or summerhouses, to sheds for storage the choice is only limited by our imagination.

Ovens & Grills, Firepits

       Sharing food is at the heart of life with family and friends. A simple barbeque or full on cooking facilities can be incorporated into your design. Seating and tables can all be stylish and add to the enjoyment of the garden dining experience.

Pergolas, Gazebos, Arches & Arbours

       On the hottest of days, a little shade from direct sunlight will increase the amount of use you get from your garden and pergolas, awnings, gazebos and screens can provide added comfort.

       Trees, shrubs, flowers, and plants are non-structural elements and are regarded as the soft phase of landscaping. The range of plant life available is vast and with careful choice will give your space its final character.

       A longer-term approach to plant selection should be taken as perennials will take much longer to establish themselves and mature, while annuals will allow you to enjoy splashes of changing colour when the garden is young.

       All plant life falls into one of four major categories, but most people are firstly interested in whether a plant flowers or not, then what colour and shape it is. We use a more friendly approach to grouping plants based on their appearance and size to make things easier for you.

Soft Landscaping

Flowering Plants

       According to scientists there are around 270,000 species of flowering plants. Each possessing its own unique form and beauty. Different plant types will add their own personality and can serve as functional elements as well, so there is plenty to think about when it comes to flowering plants.

Foliage Plants

       A plant can be as beautiful for its foliage as a flowering plant can be for its blossoms. Whilst flowering plants are the highlight and focus of most gardens, plants grown for their eye catching and especially striking variegated foliage should not be forgotten. Plants like evergreens and broadleaf plants will provide a backdrop of colour all year.

Aquatic Plants

       A plant can be as beautiful for its foliage as a flowering plant can be for its blossoms. Whilst flowering plants are the highlight and focus of most gardens, plants grown for their eye catching and especially striking variegated foliage should not be forgotten. Plants like evergreens and broadleaf plants will provide a backdrop of colour all year.

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